Out With Fresh Food: Side-By-Side Refrigerators

Such problems as spoiled food wasted money and bad mood await us with the onset of a hot summer. Moving food and drinks to the cottage, a picnic, etc. at this time of year becomes a big problem for many of us. But there is such a thing as a side-by-side refrigerator.

A cooling bag is also called a thermal bag or a thermal container. By the principle of action, it resembles a thermos: it retains heat and cold inside.

Many mistakenly attribute the cooling bag to refrigeration equipment, believing that this is a regular side-by-side mini-refrigerator. But unlike a cooler bag, the mini-refrigerator has a cooling unit in its device, which allows storing food for a long time in a refrigerated and frozen state, and in a thermal bag, the temperature inside will be equal to the surrounding temperature after a few hours due to the lack of cooling equipment. The purpose of a side-by-side cooling bag is to keep foods hot, frozen, or chilled, but not for too long.

Typically, cooler bags and thermal bags are used when traveling and in nature to keep food hot or cold. It is an irreplaceable thing in the summer! When you go on a picnic, a thermal bag will help you bring fresh meat for the barbecue.

A thermal bag holds up to 50 liters, its weight varies from 400 grams to 6 kilograms. Small bags weighing 400 g are capable of carrying several jars of soda, and large bags weighing 4.5 kg can hold up to 17 kg of food.

At a moderate ambient temperature, the thermal bag keeps food cool for 4-5 hours. And if you use cold accumulators, the time of effective work will increase to 12 hours. The average lifetime of such a bag is 5 years.

Thermal containers differ from thermal bags in larger capacity: from 1 to 180 liters.

The time of keeping food cold in the thermal container can be up to 12 hours and up to 24 hours (if cold accumulators are used).

Another way to provide relatively mobile coolness is a car refrigerator. However, it itself is divided into three subspecies: there are thermoelectric, absorption and compressor devices.

Let’s start with thermoelectric ones. In fact, these are not really refrigerators in their classical understanding. The design does not provide for a compressor or even refrigerant, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern refrigerator. Bilateral thermoelectric plates are in charge of cooling. When an electric current flows through them, the inner side of the plate cools and then cools the chamber. If you reverse the voltage polarity, the inside of the plate will heat up, while the outside will cool. Therefore, as most have already guessed, these devices can not only cool but even heat products (up to 65º C / 149º F). Incredibly convenient. First, you can cool the drinks, and then slightly warm up your breakfast, lunch or dinner. All this in one device.

Another advantage of a thermoelectric car refrigerator is unlimited operating time. Of course, only with a power source. In a car, the device is able to function from the cigarette lighter, and in other conditions – from a stationary network (a current converter is needed). However, this advantage is the main con – the volatility: thermo-refrigerators are tied to the car or the outlet.

Also, the thermo-refrigerator works quite slowly. Such devices slowly reach the required temperature (cool or warm). Products that require low temperatures should preferably be cooled before being refrigerated. Or you can use the cold accumulators mentioned above (they are sold separately). But with the warming up the food nothing can be done to make the process go faster, you will just have to wait.

The form factors in which thermoelectric car refrigerators are manufactured are quite diverse. The device can be made in the form of a small box built into a special niche in a car. Or it can look like a small cabinet. There are some very small refrigerators used just for cooling or heating cans with a drink.

Cold accumulators

For car refrigerators, cold storage accumulators are optional. Just plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter. 

Cold accumulators are special plastic bags or boxes – briquettes filled with saline.

Cold accumulators increase the cooling time of products in the refrigerator bag by several hours. They often come with a bag and are tailored to its design.

How to choose your side-by-side refrigerator?

The range of applications for side-by-side refrigerators is large – you can read about all of them at https://refrigeratorfaq.com/best-side-by-side-refrigerators-under-1000/. Isotherm containers are preferred if you carry breakable or soft products, you can even sit on such a container (for example, while waiting for your train). An insulated container is very useful. It doesn’t need the power to function and the food in it can be kept fresh for up to 24 hours. Car refrigerators are for those who highly appreciate the degree of freedom and do not want any time limits for keeping their food fresh while on the road. There are many options available, just choose the one that meets all of your preferences.

Grilled Fish Recipes

Grilled perch

perch yellow

There are over 90 species of fish in the “sea bass” genus, of which 4 live in the Atlantic and the rest in the Pacific Ocean. In terms of body shape they are similar to river perch, but differ in their inner/external structure and taste. The size of fish varies from 20 cm to 1 meter. Each recipe for grilled perch begins with a selection of ingredients. Choose perch with head (not to be confused with hake), firm meat, clear eyes and bright coloured gills. Be sure to smell the product – if it is spoiled, you will immediately feel an unpleasant smell.

Perch meat is something like cod meat – it is a fish with neutral flavour and no specific smells, which is a good base for any fish recipe. The only option that is not very suitable here is steaming sea bass. Because of its soft, quiet flavour it can turn out to be fresh. For grilling it is better to use 500 grams of perch (the weight of already gutted fish without head is indicated).

water perch fresh fish


The perch cooked on coals is a simple and hearty dish for dinner with friends. We offer a step-by-step recipe of fish with capers, parsley and spice marinade.

You will need it:

  1. 6 small fish carcasses;
  2. a quarter teaspoon of black pepper and salt;
  3. 2 tablespoons of olive oil;
  4. 2 tablespoons of capers;
  5. 3 garlic cloves;
  6. 1 bundle of parsley;
  7. 1 lemon.

Cooking according to the recipe begins with cutting of carcasses – removing the inside, scales, head. The second step – mixing marinade. To do this in a bowl combine dried and finely chopped capers and parsley, pressed garlic, salt, pepper and a spoonful of oil. The third step is to apply the marinade to the fish. In 20-30 minutes after the last step you can start frying, it is more convenient to use a special grid. Grilled fish is fried for 5 minutes on each side. The spice of the dish will add lemon on the grill – slice it into quarters, dine with olive oil and fry for about 5 minutes.

Grilled tuna

time dish food seafood grilled

Tuna – large fish, reaching 3-4 meters in length, with red meat, the taste and texture reminiscent of beef (in France it is called “Sea veal”). It is cooked in every possible way – fried, baked, boiled, stewed, dried, smoked. Meat is added to salads, sandwiches, pizza, rolls, sushi and cooked as a separate dish. It contains a lot of omega-3 and omega-6, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, 80% of the daily norm B12, and about 30% of the norm of vitamin B6.

Grilled tuna is a delicious and aromatic dish. To make it juicy, the meat is left a little raw inside (when fully fried it becomes dry and stiff). Due to the fact that the fillet does not undergo a complete heat treatment, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the choice of product. Fresh fillets should have a dark red uniform colour. Brown spots and uneven colouring are a sign of freshness. If you choose a whole carcass, pay attention to the skin (it should be light), the condition of the fins (intact) and the smell (pleasant ocean). It is possible to store fish in the fridge no more than 4 days.


This grilled tuna recipe uses two average oceanic tuna steaks with a thickness of 2-3 cm. To give the tuna a pleasant flavour, a simple bouquet of spices is used. You’ll need it:

  1. 1 tsp. fennel;
  2. 1 hour. spoonful of coriander;
  3. a pinch of black pepper;
  4. a pinch of sea salt.

In the recipe is better to use fresh meat, but if you only have access to frozen steak – defrost it beforehand at room temperature. Cooking according to the recipe is as simple as possible – grind all the spices and salt in the mortar, oil the steak, pile the pieces of fish in spices and set aside for a few minutes while coals are prepared. Then the tuna is placed on the grill and cooked until medium rare.

The recipe for cooking may also include a marinating stage. A wide variety of mixtures of spices, oils and sauces can be used as marinade, here are two options:

Soy sauce, olive oil + sesame oil, honey, orange juice, any 2-3 spices to taste;
red wine, garlic, dried greens, fresh ginger.

Grilled octopus

grilled octopus meat

If you like seafood, we suggest you try the octopus. The stew can be pre-processed at home, and finish cooking outdoors. Below you will find a step-by-step recipe with herbs and marinade for a carcass that weighs about 1 kg.

The octopus is cooked in several steps. The meat is first cooked with spices for 20-90 minutes, depending on the size. Then it is cooled down and sliced into portions. The octopus pieces are additionally marinated if necessary or immediately grilled, 3-4 minutes on each side – and the tasty octopus is ready. It is better to eat the finished dish immediately after grilling in hot condition – the meat will be juicy and tender.


The grilled octopus recipe is designed for a carcass weighing approximately 1 kg after processing. Frozen and fresh product will do. Please note that preliminary preparation is required. If you are going on a picnic, do it at home in advance or grab a pot.

You will need octopus in addition to 1 kg for cooking:

  1. 2 tbsp. of dry white wine;
  2. 2 bay leaves, a teaspoon of black pepper mixed with fragrant (peas);
  3. salt;
  4. 70 grams of capers together with brine;
  5. 4 fillets of anchovy;
  6. 2 tbsp. of Dijon mustard;
  7. 2 twigs of marjoram;
  8. 3 cloves of garlic;
  9. 2 glasses of olive oil;
  10. 1 tbsp. of red wine vinegar.

The first 3 ingredients in the recipe will be required during cooking, the rest are for marinade. Add the ingredients to cook in a large saucepan with boiling water, immerse the pot in it and cook for 20 minutes. Cool the cooked meat and cut it into portions. Combine all the other ingredients except for the butter into containers, whisk with a blender, then gradually pour in the butter while continuing to whisk. Part of the prepared sauce will go into a plate to the dish, and part will be used as marinade. Put the meat in it and put it in the fridge for 20 minutes.

After that, all you have to do is to fry – oil the best electric grill, slice the pieces with a paper towel and fry at high temperature for 3 minutes on each side. For a more hearty meal, look for recipes for side dishes in advance. Grilled vegetables, fresh salad leaves and lemon juice will complete the dish well.

Grilled mackerel

beach sea silhouette

Mackerel is cooked in different ways – smoked, salted, baked and roasted. With any approach to cooking, it retains a rich set of essential oils, amino acids and minerals. Barbecue mackerel is fat, juicy and soft. It has a unique flavour – it is loved by those who love it. To emphasize it, you must choose the right marinade and sauce, against which the taste of fish will not be lost. Most recipes involve spicy and spicy sauces.

To prepare a delicious dish, choose a fresh fish with a dark patterned backrest and a light belly. There should be no damage to the hide. We recommend cooking mackerel using a fresh stew, but if you don’t have a choice, you can take a frozen one. Fish should be gutted, remove fins, gills, if necessary – head, rinse thoroughly. It is important to dry the carcass with a paper towel before frying – so you get a crispy crust.

Fry the fish can be whole and cut into pieces. Meat is marinated in lemon juice, white wine, soy sauce, lactic acid products. The recipe for grilled mackerel may not require pickling at all – just rub the carcass with ground garlic, dried dill, black pepper and send it to the coals.


We present you the recipe for grilling mackerel in Mexican. The unique aroma is created by chili pepper, cilantro and garlic. Fish is recommended to be cooked according to the recipe, not excluding any of the aromatic ingredients.

We will need it:

  1. carcass of mackerel;
  2. one small chili pepper;
  3. a sprig of cilantro;
  4. a small bulb;
  5. two cloves of garlic;
  6. lemon;
  7. vegetable oil;
  8. salt and pepper to taste.

Recipe in stages:

  • gut the fish, remove the fillet and remove rib bones and fins;
  • squeeze the lemon juice;
  • finely slice the washed and peeled garlic and onion;
  • Peel the pepper from the seeds, finely slice (use gloves to avoid burning, especially if the skin is micro-damaged);
  • grind the cilantro;
  • Mix all the ingredients including butter, salt and pepper and apply marinade to the fillets;
  • keep the fish in a closed dish for 10-15 minutes;
  • prepare the grill, put the ink on it and fry for 5-7 minutes on each side.

Best Fridges For 2019 | How To Choose The Right Model

Do you lose space with a counter depth refrigerator?

However, there is a very basic characteristic of both French door refrigerators and side by side refrigerators that are known: they both have one side in front of the heating element.

To see this characteristic of side by side refrigerators, please watch our segment on the selection of refrigerators by side.

Luna sat-102 The fact is that the one-sided side refrigeration gives a very pleasant and natural feeling for a chef. The doors don’t look like a door, it’s like the glass of

A mini-fridge is far easier to install than a full-sized fridge. In most cases, a sub-zero freezer means that you can install it against the wall, and most will even give you some face room. In case you are wondering, an identical mini fridge can be had from Crate & Barrel for about $65.

What is the most durable fridge you have had in your kitchen? I have had a plastic container that turns out to be a perfect one for six years now.

Because you don’t know exactly where your fridge is.

Calculator Category: Best Selling- This is the best way to browse through reviews in our database. If you’re looking for an item, simply choose it from the appropriate category.

Choosing Best For Yourself or the Customer Your fridge can be easily organized and you can take your time selecting the right parts. By ordering components in many different ways, you can purchase more fridge components at once. Free Shipping is very important if you’re ordering online, we will most probably

Do counter depth refrigerators have less space?

Let’s face it; if you live in a city with smartphones you’ve probably found yourself coming up against these common household appliances.

The smart fridge has a 6″ high screen with the unique “filler”, a digital temperature display, a CR2032 rechargeable battery, and a timer function. Some smart fridges come with a digital clock/timer. Of course, while the smart fridge does help with waste, it has some serious drawbacks.

It’s more expensive to maintain; less waste-disposal space

You bet. You also bet that they also cost more money. Consider this: 20 gallons of water. That’s 2.6 gallons of gas. A 25-gallon jug of water will cost you $5.06. A 20-gallon jug of water will cost you $7.66. That’s 6.1 gallons of gas cost for a jug of water.

Some people argue that if you take out the 15 or so gallon size container and just put the jug and coolers inside of the larger 20 gallon-

Well, we will start with the wall units that most people will be familiar with. These are the refrigerator section of the house and you’ll also see wall units inside your garage. Wall units are the most common type of refrigeration that you can find. These will feature a single unit on your wall and can be used for a single room. These wall units can be purchased as part of a house build. In addition, many people are “curious” as to where they should get a wall refrigerator and, “fancy” taping

How much is a counter depth refrigerator?

A very nice counter depth refrigerator will cost in the range of $35,000 to $40,000. Many less expensive options come in the range of $20,000 to $25,000. The quality of the counter depth refrigerator will depend on the manufacturer and model. For example, a large refrigerator with a sliding door opens up to the height of the trunk. The prices may vary considerably for the counter depth refrigerators with sliding doors. Your refrigerator may be near the end of its life and need to be replaced.

That depends on a number of factors. A counter depth refrigerator is equivalent to a market model 500s at 50″Hx50″Wx75″D. Most distributors offer larger counter depth models. For example, most distributors are selling a 350S model for around $1100.00. That is an easy 150 pounds of storage. Another aspect to consider is whether or not you are in the market for more storage capacity. If not, 895T is a great price and a great value.

A counter depth refrigerator can range from $4000 to $6000 in price. The longer the counter depth the better value. This is the reason most budget counter depth refrigerators are completely overpriced. The main reason for this is they don’t separate the coolant from the tank to prevent condensation. What most people don’t realize is if you have a one year warranty on your unit the manufacturer assumes that all the refrigeration system fails but does not bother to replace it. Your warranty only lasts one year.

What does counter depth fridge mean?

Counter depth = The amount of space between the vertical face and the floor in front of it.

Why is counter depth important?

Counter Depth describes what you need to consider when choosing the countertop material that will give you the best value for money. It does not only tell you the structural properties of the material, it tells you how the surface will perform during the drying process and the ability to support weight.

Counter depth means how far away from your out of date counter you need to position your refrigerator to rest. It has nothing to do with freezing.

How long should I refrigerate my produce for?

The length of time you should refrigerate your product will depend on the quality of your refrigerated product. Consider how long it’s been in your produce bag and in the cold of your freezer, and then decide how long your produce needs to be out of the cold before you store it.

Basically, it is the amount of space in between the highest shelf and the lowest shelf. A counter depth fridge is usually 5 or 6 feet wide and as high as you have free wall space. This space is great to display things and displays. It is an ideal solution for a double wall (HVAC & drywall) interior. A removable shelving unit should be installed on top of this, and at least 4 feet apart. Installers can add hanging elements (car alarms, small screens, etc.) to make the place seem more