About Makeable

Makeable is a marketplace for custom creative items for your daily life, created specifically for you and your home.

It seems like he was founded by Michael and Anastasia, friends who met in Penn’s senior year when they both decided to work at Google’s headquarters in California. After several years in marketing, business and product development, all of which took place in New York, London and Tokyo, they were forced to use what they learned about the network to make the “real” world more thoughtful and creative.

The Makibli idea came about as a result of a merger of ideas that they independently worked on. During last year’s holidays, Muche wanted to give his friend a work of art. While combing the net, he could not find a single place that would really focus on non-standard work. It was very difficult to find quality people who could fulfill the order, and even when you did, the process was not ideal for the buyer or for the manufacturer. So he set about fixing it. Nina independently witnessed how many of her friends got married, and saw first-hand how upset that they can’t find those unique things for their big day that they dreamed about since childhood, and she spent brainstorm. a startup focused on custom work for weddings. When they got together, Macably was born.

So it is. We hope to simplify the implementation of your thoughtful and original ideas into reality, and we strive to create a pocket in a world where every object tells a story. You can contact us at

Michael Phillips, Co-Founder

Before doing this, Michael was a product marketing manager for Google. He led the development of the original small business product AdWords, the “creator of display advertising,” led the launch of Google Places, and then moved to Tokyo to manage regional marketing in the Asia-Pacific region for both Google and Google+ mobile advertising. He graduated from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree. in economics. He once won two silver medals in snowshoe racing at the Empire State Games, and thanks to his stay in Japan, his favorite drink is whiskey mixed with draft beer.

Nina Davis, Co-Founder

Nina worked for more than 5 years at Google, working as a product marketing manager for Google products for monetization. She moved to London to work as a new business development manager, where she led entrepreneurial activities in the EMEA region and made deals in the early stages of the technology partnership for Google Voice, Google Chrome and Google